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Drawing For Real Life – Architecture For Kids


Drawing for Kids Hammer Museum

I visited the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles with my daughter.  Sunday, September 8th,  was the last opportunity to see their current exhibit A. Quincy Jones: Building for Better Living.

There are so many great opportunities to appreciate art around us and I love taking the time to share and explore them with my 5 year-old daughter.

Drawing for kids is mostly a hobby.  By visiting the Hammer, I wanted my daughter to understand how drawing fits into everyday life and introduce her to one of the careers possible in the arts.

I explained to her who an architect is and what they do.  I emphasized the importance of drawing for an architect and showed her how their drawings are used to create the buildings we live and work in.  She was amazed to see the blueprints and miniature models that are created to bring their drawings to life.


Drawing for Kids A. Quincy Jones Perspective Drawing


After visiting this exhibit, we wandered over to the permanent collection to enjoy the paintings and sculptures on display.


Drawing for Kids Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec Touc Seated on a Table

Touc Seated on a Table

I’m amazed at how easily we can just walk off the street in Los Angeles and be in the company of John Singer Sargent,  Rembrandt van Rijn, Mary Cassatt, Camille Pissarro and Vincent van Gogh just to name a few.

Our admission was also FREE as part of their Family Days.  It’s wonderful what opportunities we can find in our own backyard.

My daughter was very patient with me as I slowly wandered through the wonderful paintings.

Her favorite was Touc Seated on a Table by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec and my favorite of the day had to be Mary Cassatt’s Reine Lefevre and Margot.  I just can’t resist how beautifully Mary Cassatt depicts children.  Her paintings will tug on the heart-strings of any mom.


Drawing for Kids Mary Cassatt Reine Lefevre and Margot

Reine Lefevre and Margot

I treated my daughter to a new book as a souvenir of our museum trip.  We’ve already read it three times ;o).

You can purchase this book in my store or by clicking the image (image is an affiliate link and I appreciate the referral – thank you).


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