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Art Gifts for Kids


If your child is anything like mine, they definitely have enough toys.  

Provide your kids with gifts that encourage creating art, we’re giving our children the tools necessary to create and express themselves.

Below you will find art gifts for kids that I recommend.  

As the mom of a creative 5 year-old, I urge you to share art with your kids and create together!

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Art Equipment for Kids

An easel is a must for any creative kid!  Having an area that is just for them to create makes it fun and easy to create any time.  The more available the art supplies are, the more they will use them.  I bought my daughter a standing easel before she could even stand up – We still use it to this day ;).  The versatile paper and whiteboard options give this art station many uses.  I also love Little Tikes products for toddlers, they are so durable and easy to clean up.

Art Supplies for Kids

My favorite mediums to use with my daughter are watercolor, tempera paint, and oil pastels.  All of these products are safely labeled for use with children and will give hours of fun and creativity!

Art Kits for Kids

These art kits come complete with everything you need to create your art project.  The best part… no supply shopping or project planning, you have everything you need.  Art kits make great gifts for grandparents and other relatives to have on hand for a fun and creative way to spend time with kids.

Art Books for Kids

Art books are a great way to encourage art when it’s not time to get the paints out.  I love sharing with my daughter stories about famous artists, fine art museums, etc.  We always bring home art related books as souvenirs of our museum and bookstore visits.

Art Lessons for Kids

Children love to draw and paint on their own, but why not give them guidance along the way.  These DVDs will guide your child step by step with easy to follow lessons in drawing (drawing with pencil and coloring with pastels) and watercolor painting.

There are so many creative options out there, these are just a few suggestions.

The importance of art for children cannot be stressed enough.  By encouraging our kids to create, we are unlocking skills within them that will lead them to a lifetime of fulfillment and creativity.  Here’s just a few reason to encourage your children in the arts.



The Benefits of Art for Children Include:

  • Creativity – giving your child a chance to practice creative thinking encourages them to think in ways that challenge them from a different perspective.
  • Focus – creating art encourages children to concentrate and keep their attention on the task at hand.
  • Problem solving – children decide what they’d like to create and then must execute the steps necessary to create it and solve any problems along the way.
  • Non-Verbal Communication – sometimes children are better at communicating visually and creating art gives them the chance to express themselves in different ways.
  • Confidence – there’s nothing better than seeing your child smile with accomplishment when they’re finished creating their art.


Share art with your children with ART GIFTS!

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Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up. - Pablo Picasso