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Best Drawing Supplies For Kids


Drawing For Kids Cray-Pas Drawing

I just love the adorable drawings that my daughter creates.  I think my drawers and boxes will be filled for years with her wonderful doodles, drawings and art work.  She regularly writes me letters that she delivers and I keep them in a letter box she created for me.

Now that she’s in kindergarten and learning how to read and write, my letters have wonderful drawings and words too!  The word she writes the most is love.  Guess that gives you a sense of how precious my little sweet pea is.  Enough of the mom bragging… time to share some of our favorite drawing supplies.

We always have a good assortment of drawing supplies and paper on hand and available for her.  She has free access to them and a place to write and draw when she likes.  I’ll share with you some of my favorite art supplies for drawing for kids.


The art supply product images in this post are affiliate links.  There is no additional cost to you and I appreciate the referral.  I only include products that I’ve personally used and recommend to other moms.


We recently purchased a new box of Cray-Pas  Junior Artist Oil Pastels.  She loves the vibrant colors and how easily she can mix and blend the colors.  They are nice quality student oil pastels for our little artists.  The little drawing you see above was created with them.  A great choice when you’re looking for vibrant, rich colors with little to no clean-up.


Another favorite when you’re looking for the ever popular crayon are the Twistable Crayons by Crayola.  I love these!  As child I always hated when my crayons would get dull and I’d have to peel away the paper to keep using them.  I’m sure my mom didn’t appreciate the bits of paper around the house either.  Once I discovered these fantastic gems, I’ve never purchased any other crayons.  They are so easy to use and easily twist up so they are always ready to go!


Who didn’t love scented markers as a child?  I know I sure did!  Another Crayola recommendation are the Supertips Washable Scented Markers.  I think Crayola makes excellent drawing and art supplies for kids.  These markers have a very versatile tip for both thick and thin lines.  My daughter thinks the scents are just fantastic!  She loves using them and they’ve lasted a while.  I always make sure that I only buy washable markers for my daughter.  You never know when that creative impulse will lead them off the paper.  Trust me, it happens.  This makes creating art worry free!


When looking for more traditional supplies, these are very easy to use charcoal pencils for kids.   They easily peel to sharpen so you don’t have to worry about having a sharp utensil around to keep them sharpened for drawing.  That’s a plus with small kids around!  The set featured in the image also includes a kneaded eraser.  Kids just love them!  They are soft and pliable and so easy to use.  Just remind the kids that it’s not for chewing ;o).


We always keep plenty of sketch books around for my daughter to use.  These are handy to pack away in a bag for travel too, as well as the other drawing supplies I’ve shared.  I’m definitely making it a point to pack a sketch book, drawing supplies, watercolor paints and paper each time we travel.  What better way to remember those special times together as a family than creating art together.


Feel free to share what your favorite drawing supplies are.  There are so many to list!

Happy Drawing!!



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