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Drawing for Grown-Ups


We all know that kids love to draw and paint and there is no reason that grown-ups should be left out!


The Art of Drawing Part 1:  Essential Skills For Lifelike Drawing

These Art of Drawing will teach you how to draw, or improve your drawing skills if you are already drawing.  You will be able to create realistic, lifelike drawings.  A solid drawing is the key foundation for any painting.  If you want to be a great painter, the building blocks most necessary are great drawing skills.  These lessons will give you the basics to build an accurate drawing of any subject.  With the proper tools in your tool box – you can tackle anything.

There is no subject too complex – just apply these lessons and be the artist you’ve always dreamed of.  This instruction series will lead you through step-by-step exercises that build one upon another.  I can tell you personally these lessons will give you the tools for success!  Give it a try on my free lesson page. – click here.


The Art of Drawing Part 2:  Creating Illusions of Depth

If you’re looking to make your drawings look more three-dimensional – this is the instruction for you.  You will learn how to make lifelike drawings with vine charcoal.  Just like the earlier drawing lessons, you will follow step-by-step exercises as you gain new skills.  Creating a great drawing is the first step, and making it come to life with light and shadows takes your artwork to the next level.

The techniques of creating realistic illusions were missing in my formal art training in college.  I always felt my paintings didn’t really capture the illusions I was aiming for.  It wasn’t until my training with The Gluck Method that I really had control over creating exactly the drawings and paintings that I dreamed of.  With these lessons under my belt, I have a complete understanding of how to create accurate, realistic drawings.

Whether you are using charcoal, oil paint, pastels or even crayons, this information is fundamental to giving you the skills to create realistic artwork.

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