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Drawing Fun With The Big Draw LA


Drawing for Kids Big Draw LA Collage


Today we made our way to the Grand Park in downtown Los Angeles for a community drawing event – The Big Draw LA.  The beautiful Grand Park is nestled among the city buildings in the heart of downtown.  I’ve been looking for a chance to visit this park and today was the day!  I always like visiting downtown on the weekend to avoid the crowds and traffic.

The weather was gorgeous today!  My daughter and I made our way to one of the many tables of supplies and helped ourselves to a little basket of drawing materials.  We found a nice spot in the shade and started creating way.  We took turns sharing markers, pastels, and oil pastels.

My daughter loves to trace her hand prints so we both decided to trace our hands together as the beginning of our drawings on one of the large papers sprawled across the lawns.  We had a great time drawing and coloring the afternoon away.  I took a few minutes to capture a quick oil pastel sketch of City Hall.
Drawing for Kids Big Draw LA Sketch


I always look forward to spending time with my daughter, especially when we can have fun drawing together as a family!

Happy Sunday!


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