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Home Activities for Kids Drawing With Liquid Chalkers

Drawing With Liquid Chalkers


My daughter and I had the privilege to use and review Liquid Chalkers by Paper and Twine.

I was so excited to use these new markers as I’ve never really used anything more than dry erase markers and the usual crayons, markers, pencils, etc.

I have to honestly say that I don’t really care for traditional “chalk”.  I just can’t stand the scratchy feeling and sounds when using it on our little chalkboard and the dust as well!

I was delighted to give these new Liquid Chalkers a good try out.  

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My favorite project was our homemade chalkboard.  I simply used a large piece of foam board and covered it with chalkboard contact paper.  I hung it in a busy area of the house and I plan to use it for our weekly notes to remember.  My daughter also had a great time adding her own touches.

Plan your family chalkboard today!

Drawing For Kids Chalkboard


See our gallery of Liquid Chalker fun!

Tips for using Liquid Chalkers:

  1. Adult supervision is necessary when first using your Liquid Chalkers.  Educate your child on what types of surfaces they can write on and what type of surfaces they cannot write on.

  1. Test the Liquid Chalkers on a surface before you write on it.  Liquid Chalkers wipe off easily from most non-porous surfaces but don’t wipe off very well from porous ones (like painted walls).  The best non-porous surfaces to use are glass, metal, whiteboards, and windows.

  1. If you do find the Liquid Chalkers are not wiping off easily, they recommend you use a Magic Eraser type sponge.  These sponges are slightly abrasive, so use gently on any painted surface.  I found that if I did a small test first and it wiped of easily, I didn’t have any problems using them on that surface.  I did find they wiped off more easily when completely dry.  So if you make a mistake, don’t try to wipe it off right away.  Wait a moment – let it dry – then simply wipe it off.

  1. Here are some of my favorite surfaces that we used throughout the house:

  • Mirrors

  • Windows

  • Glass tables

  • Chalkboard Contact Paper

  • Chalkboards

  • Whiteboards

  • Plastic and Sealed Surfaces


Liquid Chalkers are a great addition to any art supply collection.  They are so versatile and great fun for everyone!

3 Responses

  1. Mary Somerville

    I didn’t know there was Chalkboard Contact Paper-How fun! I can’t wait to get some.

    • I didn’t either until I tried it. It’s great – but I did find out the markers are a bit harder to remove once they’ve sat on the chalkboard contact paper for a while. I just clean the board off weekly and start over! Much easier to use than chalkboard paint! Thanks for the comment!

      • I’ve now noticed the longer the marker sits on the chalkboard contact paper the harder it is to remove. I found that using a little windex to let it soak in helps it come off easier!

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