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Free Museum Days in LA for Kids

Drawing for Kids LACMA

LACMA photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

My daughter and I talk about drawing and painting everyday.  Today she had fun drawing by turning a simple piece of paper into a “phone”.  She drew the buttons, added some lines for numbers to call and then made one for all of us so we could “talk”.  I love how she just decided to create them out of paper with a pen.  In this day of technology, it’s a wonder that my kid still says “Mom, can I have a piece of paper and a pen?”.  I know that as a Mom who supports drawing and painting for kids, I will never say no.  As a matter of fact, I always have some drawing supplies in my purse for her all the time.  You never know when we’ll have some extra time to wait, so why not draw!

Being a promoter of the arts (especially drawing and painting for kids), the more we introduce fine art to our children, the better.  I drove by the Norton Simon Museum yesterday in Pasadena and I wondered if they had any special activities for kids.  I found some great programs on their website for families and children.  I’ve linked to their page here.  I know that most museums also have certain days and times set aside as free to the public.  The Norton Simon is free the first Friday of every month from 6:00-9:00 pm.  I also discovered this great calendar of free museum days that you see below (the link below the image will open the full calendar).  This is a great resource to have when looking for fine art or education related activities for you and your children.

Make art, drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, or anything art related part of your life everyday.  I’m making plans for today.  Enjoy!

Drawing for Kids Museumla Free

Calendar courtesy of Museumsla.org

 Drawing for Kids Free Museums PDF

2 Responses

  1. Portia Smith

    Great blog. I couldn’t agree more. I did some form of art with my son every day and now he is studying art at UCLA. As an artist myself, I am thrilled. We moms need to instill the creative process into our children at the earliest age possible.


    • Thank you Portia! I really appreciate your reply. Since deciding to start this blog my daughter is drawing and painting even more. Just today she drew three pictures and painted a watercolor. I just love watching her create. I think whether our kids eventually pursue the arts or not, the development that occurs when exploring art is so important for anyone.

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