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Drawing for Kids


Drawing Lessons for Kids

aodkI plan to post resources here that I have used and recommend for other moms.  If you’re looking to teach your children how to draw and paint, or better yet – teach yourself how to draw and paint, this is ABSOLUTELY the best instruction you will find!  This series of lessons is based on the The Gluck Method, created by artist and educator Larry Gluck.  

You can read about my personal experience with The Gluck Method on the My Philosophy page. Prior to beginning my career teaching art, I was visiting a local art studio and was amazed by a beautiful series of watercolors displayed on the wall.  I found out they were painted by Larry Gluck.  I knew that I could really learn something from someone who could use watercolors in such a magnificent and inspiring way.  You can see an example of those paintings on his website.

This series will introduce you to the basics of drawing and using soft pastels.  Your child will build a drawing, color it with pastels and learn how to make it come to life!  I suggest that you follow along with your child as a fun activity to share with them that will teach you both valuable art basics.

The first drawing you will create is of a little duck in the water.  It was fun to see our little ducks come to life.  The lessons are easy to follow and when you’re finished, you will have a wonderful pastel drawing to share and be proud of.  My daughter is always begging to do more.  Get started today!

The Art of Drawing for Kids

The Importance of Drawing for Children

Children naturally have the urge to draw.  As parents, it’s important that we nurture and support creativity with our kids as much as possible.  Drawing allows children the freedom to express and communicate their ideas and imagination freely.

Young children who are still developing the words to express themselves may find drawing and easier way to communicate!

Drawing for Kids Lucy Drawing

My daughter’s drawing of “Lucy”.

Art is something that is a common activity for us in our home.  Being an artist and mom, spending time drawing and painting with my 5 year-old daughter is something I cherish.  Sometimes we get out the paints and let her go!  The results are beautiful drawings and paintings that will be with us forever.

My daughter loves to draw and paint so I encourage her as much as I can.  I’m very careful to keep my “teaching” to a minimum so she can just create and have fun.  Recently she wanted to draw her goldfish (named Lucy).  I gave her some advice about the best way to approach her drawing before she set off with her pencils and markers.  I think she did a wonderful job.



Drawing for Kids - Child Drawing

Image courtesy of Flickr zakwitnij.

 The Benefits of Drawing for Children Include:


  • Learning to plan and execute their ideas.
  • Improving their fine motor skills.
  • Increasing their ability to observe the world around them.
  • Developing more awareness of spatial relationships.
  • Strengthening critical thinking and problem solving skills.
  • Building self-confidence and independence.


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Art is not what you see, but what you make others see. - Edgar Degas